Benefited both !!!

Hey guys have you ever heard of mutual association. Well it is about two organism working together in such a manner that both of them gets the benefit.

Rhizobium is a nitrogen fixing bacteria that lives in root of leguminous plant.

Atmosphere contains dinitrogen that can not be broken down by the plants but rhizobim can break down dintrogen and converts it in to ammonia which can be directly used by the plant.

So plants get nitrogen in form of ammonia and the bacteria get food and shelter. Hence both being benefited.



Human body have mainly 5 types of immunoglobin in their body.

Mother’s first milk that is called colostrum also contains Ig that is why it is necessary for a new born baby to feed on their mother’s milk as it provides them immunity to fight against the diseases in the future.

Memory based !!!

Guys have you ever wondered what does the polio vaccination consists of ??

Let me tell you, it contains weakened pathogens or dead microbes of the same disease causing organism.

It works on the principle of memory. So whenever microbe of same disease infects us. Our body start preparing antibodies against it and hence protect us from the disease.

Colour of human blood

When you see blood oozing from a cut in your finger, you might assume that it is red because of the iron in it. But the presence of the iron is a coincidence. The red colour arises because the iron is bound in a ring of atoms in haemoglobin called porphyrin and it’s the shape of this structure that produces the colour. Just how red your haemoglobin is depends on whether there is oxygen bound to it. When there is oxygen present, it changes the shape of the porphyrin, giving the red blood cells a more vivid shade.